Prey Labs is data science for food.

Our technology and Global Taste Index is helping restaurants, brands, and consumers build a smarter food ecosystem.

Why Now

The US is experiencing a transformational shift in the way people are eating & making decisions.

More than a third of US consumers are following a specific diet or eating pattern [1], 60% order delivery or takeout once a week [2], and 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online by 2024 [3].

Meanwhile, the technology to help brands anticipate evolving taste, values, and aspirations is not available, and consumers remain confused about what to eat, and where to find it.


Our Solution

What we're doing about it.

We’ve layered billions of unstructured data points and created a harmonized dataset for food.

Prey Labs Global Taste Index
Harmonized Data

Prey Analytics

Taste intelligence to help restaurants & food brands curate offerings, prioritize sales efforts, and target customers.

Harmonized Data


Taste intelligence in the form of APIs, chat bots, and mobile apps to personalize nutrition and help consumers decide where and what to eat.

Prey Labs Global Taste Index

Our Values

We are changing the act of eating from a last-minute guess to a mindful expression of our taste preferences, values, and aspirations.

Connecting the world

It's time to connect on a deeper level through food. Imagine taste intelligence that can help you anticipate the needs of your family and friends, without even asking them what they want to eat.

Healing the body

It's time to heal our bodies with food. With taste intelligence you can choose foods that make
you feel good, lower stress levels, prevent cancer, and support
a healthy microbiome.

Healing the planet

It's time to eat like there's a tomorrow. Taste intelligence can help nudge you in the direction of foods that are sustainable, easy on carbon emissions, and promote biodiversity.